New Year, Same Darkness

As I sit in my bedroom, freezing in the harmattan cold, listening to the faint sounds of music and songs coming from a church not too far away, I realize the year, 2013, is ending. Call it an apocalypse, its demise. The coming year is near, and I still sit in the dark. There’s no […]

Eternal Rivalry

Sleep; my most formidable rival amongst many. Other mortals, school, hunger, or jealousy. A list of a few that long for time, attention, & company. Such selfish phenomena have they come to be. In a flash, without warning, you’re taken from me. I guess this proves my feelings hold true, with no fallacy. For, at […]

The Encroachment Of Insanity

What is the purpose of conception, the inhabitance of this planetary virtual reality? The reason for our recent behavioural Armageddon is a fathomless mystery. Arson, kidnap, global and domestic crises, theft or, as it is politically termed, “financial mismanagement, etc. Go on listing. You would fill never-ending volumes of books. Planet earth has become much […]