Ramadan Kareem 🌟🌛

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I diverse it when we think we are doing something good and think its sort of a favour to God. Making your choice to do good or evil, Allah has nothing to lose! In less than a second you would be gone like you never existed. Oh brother! What then do…

Second Breakfast: The Lego Movie Is Perfect

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The few, the proud, the “those with nothing better to do” among you probably know by now that I always begin my articles with a completely pointless introductory paragraph before I approach my obligatory plot summary. Not this time, folks. I’m reviewing The Lego Movie this week and I cannot…

The bats of Coronation Crescent

I think I was driving or walking, when I first noticed them. I had passed this road countlessly and not once did I bother to look, up at the trees. They resembled some black fruit that I had no knowledge of, or a swollen apex of a branch of a tree. The fruit bats of […]

Recourse To Reticence

Famous one day, infamous the next. Like air; ubiquitous Of no value, an acquaintance at best. How best to part from this is unfathomable. Earth’s subconscious crave for a feel of absence. A missing presence Ergo, a recourse to reticence. ~emphasis~


Alone but never lonely. I like the sounds of nature. Loud silence. Am I strange? Favouring “lawful” defiance to the norm? Should I be just another drone forced to be just like everyone else in every way, Without individuality? Understood. I can not condition the world in totality. It’s effect on me begs the question […]

Cold As Night

It’s as cold as night. Gently and silently the wind caresses Much to my delight. Famished. I sense hunger and harder it presses. Yet I refuse to relieve myself of this plight. No comfort in sleep. No dreams, nothing deep. Now it’s eve, much past dawn. I truly alone. It’s still as cold as night. […]

Burn Baby Burn

Why bother, really? Why speak, write, or protest? The majority wouldn’t care. Suffering in strife And the seemingly inevitable death Because of of this… This one thing we don’t wish to share. To march in unison under the sun. To be united as one. An idea for the foolish. Surely, it is better to cower […]