Ramadan Kareem 🌟🌛

The beauty of a message isn’t in the genius of its craft but more often than now, for those who truly see, in the sincerity of its words. A beautiful piece by my aunt Aisha


I diverse it when we think we are doing something good and think its sort of a favour to God. Making your choice to do good or evil, Allah has nothing to lose! In less than a second you would be gone like you never existed.
Oh brother! What then do you think of yourself; riches, class, knowledge or gait?
Dearest sister is it beauty, pride, structure or intelligence?
Perhaps even with all, more or less of these,we ought to know that we are not Men of understanding nor wisdom until we reason, give thanks and glory to our Creator.
Our Lord decides what to give and take away from us. We should neither question nor give up when life becomes a shattered puzzle. He told us He would test not only his servants but of those whom He loves.
We find it hard sometimes to have faith and accept…

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