The bats of Coronation Crescent

I think I was driving or walking, when I first noticed them. I had passed this road countlessly and not once did I bother to look, up at the trees. They resembled some black fruit that I had no knowledge of, or a swollen apex of a branch of a tree. The fruit bats of this large roundabout were so fascinating to me. They are like dark patches, swarming the empty sky, darkening desolate streets, and searching mango trees(and maybe some others) to feed on their fruits. Are they blind as the other bats, I wonder. Such abilities. Their togetherness baffles me. As though, they are one clan(or maybe they are). Now, I wonder what it would be like to be bitten by a bat, or, any creature at that. The pain, the rush of blood and adrenaline to the rescue. An adventure!



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